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Tuesday, June 28, 2005

It looks like it is shaping up to be a busy summer here at CFR. I am wrapping up another set of lectures to various military units bound for Iraq. The topic this time was media relations--a tough sell for many soldiers who at best see the military as a hindrance to their mission. Many feel that they don't get fair representation in the press. More on this later when I get a chance to get my head around the issues raised in the last few days.

Myself and Eric Hyer are also preparing to head back to China to meet with friend and artist Jin Zhilin--an informal study of the bizarre realities of the Cultural Revolution. Ty Turley is busy conducting research for a new documentary we are producing tenatively called The World Car: Globalization and the Automobile. Besides that, Todd Sansom is wrapping up the second series of Beyond the Border. We should have been done months ago but running dubs and getting the right copies to the right places has been tedious to say the least. Out for now, Dodge Billingsley


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